Goose (aka “Axel) loves to run and is showing signs of great protective instincts.
He watches out the window and when he hears the door open he stops whatever
he is doing to see who it is.  I feel so much safer with him even if he is just a puppy.
Goose amazes me with his “smarts”. Thank you, Mike and Nancy.


german shepherd breeders in oregon

german shepherd breeders in oregon



Angel is fitting in real well, she absolutely adores the twins, and realy listens to the oldest. She is just the perfect fit for us, thank you.

-Cassandra Markuson

german shepherd breeders in oregon

german shepherd breeders in oregon


Thank you for raising the perfect German Shepherd puppy. Jackson (aka “Hoff”) is a
wonderful dog and is already taking some obedience training. Jackson (aka “Hoff”) goes to work with me everyday and does exceptionally well meeting strangers and my co-workers. I will keep in touch on his progress.



Mike and Nancy: I just wanted to let you know how Anzel (Maurice) is doing. He is just the greatest dog! I can’t tell you how lucky we feel to have him in our lives. He is sweet, smart, spirited and incredibly well balanced and just a load of fun! He makes us laugh all the time! He has been doing incredibly well with his obedience training, and is a very quick learner. Mostly, he is just a big sweetheart and an incredibly gentle soul.
He’s still figuring out how to relate to other dogs, but he’s doing better all the time. I would strongly recommend you as breeders to anyone who is interested. Drago and Solo are a great pair!!
Roland Carfagno


I got Cada from Zimmer Hoff German Shepherds about a year and a half ago. He patiently rode in the backseat of my car all the way from Oregon to Phoenix,Arizona.
He is such a pleasure! He’s well behaved and super sweet. He loves to play fetch, and attracts a lot of attention at the park because he is a super fast runner!
He’s a pretty good jumper too. Recently, I was with a friend in my kitchen and all of a sudden he jumped up on the island where we were talking. Apparently he wanted some attention!
I highly recommend Zimmerhoff if you want a quality German Shepherd, I know I love mine!

Warmest Regards,




We just wanted to send you some pics of Erida. She is so smart and so funny. She loves to use her feet for everything including wrapping her feet around our arms when we are holding her. She has done this since the day we came to meet her at your place for the first time. She walks so well on the leash and loves to roll in the grass outside. We went hiking last weekend and she was covered in dirt by the time we got home. She was not afraid of the fireworks on the 4th. She starts training with our SARS group next week but already has sit, lay down, stay, and shake. We absolutely love her. Thank you so much for the newest addition to our family.
We are looking at buying a house in December and have discussed getting another pup from you after we move so I look forward to being able to work with you again.

Thank you again,
The Kirby Family
Spike, Dawn Rae, Promise, Justice, Hemera and Erida




As you can see from the photos below, PJ has grown into a beautiful young lady.

PJ is so smart. Bought these squares that are quite prickly on one side & are supposedly designed to prevent pets from getting on furniture. Shortly after putting them on, PJ carefully removed them so she could claim the outdoor couch once again!



I wanted to send you an email follow up and some pictures of “Fritz” Aka Riley. Thank you again for giving him up so we could have him as our new family member. He has been the best dog Nathan or I have ever owned. He is bright and lives and breathes to make us happy. We have taken him camping, day trips to the river as well as hikes. I have enclosed a few photos of his life with us so far. We couldn’t love him more.

Fetching a “stick” out of the Collawash River. We throw little sticks and somehow he always manages to find a log to bring back. He loves loves loves fetching. We camped overnight and he was a perfect tent sleeper.

Hiking Ramona Falls April 2014 6 months old and 60 pounds.

We cannot keep him out of water. The first of the 2 water pictures is in the Columbia River the second is a small pool off the Zig Zag River.
We may give you a call next time we are out your way so you can see him. Thanks again.

~Kelly Kochanek and Nathan Haynie


Hi Mike!

I wanted to touch bases with you and let you know how well Rocco is doing! He is such a good boy and is such a great learner, we are so pleased with him and just love having him in our family! Hope all is well with everyone and your family too!