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German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Oregon

Welcome to Zimmerhoff German Shepherds. We breed beautiful, healthy German Shepherd puppies in Oregon. Our German Shepherds dams and sires have lineage from both East and West Germany. Many dogs in the lineage are international champions.

German Shepherds are bred to be strong, intelligent, loyal companions. Their exceptionally strong work ethic makes them stand out among other dog breeds. Often times, German Shepherd puppies are raised as guard dogs for protection purposes. They are the dog breed of choice for military, police, and guard forces. Often seen in airports, international checkpoints, and police cars, they are used for their keen sense of smell for sniffing out bombs and illicit drugs.

Known as one of the smartest dog breeds, their intellect is unparalleled. German Shepherds’ exquisite trainability is unmatched by few other dog breeds. They love to be challenged and are always searching for ways to please their owners.

Beyond personal protection reasons, German Shepherds make a great choice for a family pet. Their solid temperaments make them a great dog for families with small children. They are known to be very responsive to training, and become bonded and very loyal to younger members of the family.

German Shepherds can look very serious from their strong, bold stance, but they are known for their fun, easygoing spirits. They love playing and learning new tricks.

With the right family who is willing to give their German Shepherd puppy plenty of exercise, affection, and training, a relationship will build that will bring years of love and companionship.

If you have any questions about our German Shepherd puppies, or any questions about dogs in general, please contact us. We are proud breeders of beautiful, healthy German Shepherd puppies for working purposes. At Zimmerhoff, we devote our lives to breeding German Shepherd puppies for other families to raise and build beautiful lifelong companionships.

Working German Shepherd dogs from East and West Germany

Our mission is to provide you with the finest German shepherd guard dogs and personal companions.

Zimmerhoff German Shepherd puppy pedigrees have achieved top placings at the highest levels of international competition. Our combination of famous East German (DDR) working lines is known to produce correct and substantial constitution, great pigmentation, heavy bones, and strong head type.

Our second generation German Shepherd puppies for sale combine European working lines with world class champion ratings from: Eliot von Prevent, Biene vom Teufelsgrund, Dago von Weltwitz, Armila Vom Haus Jung, Oruger The Boom II V Kraftwerk, and Quanta vom Bajohr.

Personal Protection Dogs

If you’ve chosen the working German Shepherd as your family protection dog, these German Shepherd puppies are an excellent choice. View our current litter of German Shepherd puppies for sale.

German Shepherd puppy pedigees with:
  • High trainability
  • Rock-solid temperament
  • Strong working drive
  • Natural protective instincts